Update to Firefly Licensing Quest

Posted by Kevin Bell on March 28, 2011 at 1:02 PM

28 March 2011

Well, after more than 18 months of making no headway whatsoever toward establishing and securing licensing for my Firefly series of books from FOX, I at last managed to get through to Ms Janie Friedman from the Licensing & Merchandising division of the network. Unfortunately, Ms Friedman's responses to my inquiry were less than open-armed, but she did manage to provide me with some valuable information that might prove useful on my continued quest.

Fear not, the journey is still far from over!

It seems FOX, like most studios, will not license individuals to create new works based upon their products. They will only commission individuals of their choosing if they elect to branch out into expanded product lines related to those licenses. Alternately, they are open to making the licencing available to large corporations with access to global markets, but only if those corporations agree to what Ms Friedman called a "five-figure guarantee". Presumably this means that the corporation seeking the licensing must agree to pay a 5-figure sum for that license, and be confident that their product will sell enough volume to recoup that fee, and to produce sufficient profits to make the acquisition worth their while.

When I asked Ms Friedman about FOX's apparent lack of interest in opening the particular licensing for Firefly to the broader market, she explained that while some licenses had been released to companies such as Titan Books, Dark Horse Comics, Quantum Mechanix, and other smaller businesses, in her (their?) opinion there simply is not a large enough demand for Firefly-related merchandise to merit their involvement in expanding this franchise. To that I say THINGS MUST CHANGE!!!

So, while I continue my efforts on the writing side of the scale, I will also be redirecting my efforts to find interest for my work. This time I will be contacting some of the companies that already hold licenses for Firefly-related goodies, and will be making every effort to capture their interest in my work. Perhaps if I can dazzle them with my product, they might wish to look into delving into that marketplace as dearly as I do.

In the mean time, I have made some small adjustments to the Firefly PETITION found here on the website. No longer will this petition be directed toward FOX, but its results will be collected and submitted with my next proposal to whomever I decide to approach next with this matter. So, if you are a true Browncoat and want to see more Firefly in the (hopefully near!) future, now is the time to make your voice heard! Whether you are a Member of this site, or just stopping by to catch up with a few old friends, fill out the petition and let us know what you think. Make sure you have a say in the future of Firefly!

And while you do that, I'll keep the stories coming, you have my word!


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